Tree-hugging for stability

Half-pint Sharps, 44-40

I forget what rifle this is…I think M700 in 5.56mm with a Magpul stock and Geissele trigger.

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3 Responses to Tree-hugging for stability

  1. Ray says:

    Small Trees move. In fact they can move A LOT in even a slight breeze. If you want a shooting rest for hunting carry a forked stick. It’s much more stable. Second: La Chika should be prone with that Sniper/DM rig. It is what it’s set up for and offers FAR more stability than a tree. You need a really old, rigid tree or a mill pond still day to use trees as a shooting rest.

  2. Ron W says:

    The mag looks like a .308.

  3. Ray says:

    Look at the bore in that photo. It’s a .308.

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