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Her daddy’s rifle

Some girls run off with dad’s car keys. This one borrowed his M1A instead. She’s a junior Appleseed instructor already at age 18.

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Snapshots from 2014 Boomershoot

Some put their rifles away once the rain got heavy enough. Others shot on, rain or shine. To our surprise, we got more targets with the mix-master AR sporting a 16″ Ruger piston upper than with .243 and .308 bolt … Continue reading

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“Questioning war may be considered terrorism” In other news, War is Peace (MiniPax).

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Realistic Training with ID Target Systems

New at

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Lawyer grips

No idea why the pistol was decocked for the photos. I wasn’t paying attention at the time. Close-up of the grips to show detail.  

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You know a gun lawyer is serious when…

…she shoots a personalized AR15 in three-gun competition. Rifle by Am Tac, shooter by Kincaid Law Office. As usual, if you want to actually touch off a round, eye and ear protection are required.

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Summer dress carry

As we have recently observed, summer dresses often lack pockets and belt loops. Fortunately, some guns are light enough that a belt thrown around the waistline can support a sufficient holster with comfort. This one, made by Simply Rugged in … Continue reading

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Pockets in women’s dresses

This pretty dress has a major drawback: no pockets! Five rounds of .303 is good, but the magazine holds ten. Where to put additional chargers with rifle fodder… I guess the top of the dress works and isn’t much sillier … Continue reading

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Father and daughter at the range

And an incidental illustration of Primary Arms optics in use. Illuminated 4-16x scope with a mini red dot over it (for lining up the scope with target at higher magnification, also for close-in defense). Mounted on a Superior Arms 20″ Varmint. … Continue reading

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The idiocy that is cell phone carriers (ATT in this case)

Last year, I was able to have my phone unlocked for the trip to Switzerland. Now I find that ATT policy changed and they won’t unlock the phone until the contract is over in two years. While I can get … Continue reading

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The perceived inadequacy of M1 carbine

M1 carbine is often called the “girlfriend gun” for its compact size and low recoil. It’s as often derided for the perceived lack of stopping power. We decided to test it side by side with .223, 9×19 and 10mm Auto. … Continue reading

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Protected: Two cultures, one family.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Little Ugly

Good, old reliable M1 carbine made ugly for the sake of greater utility. Choate folding stock with pistol grip, Magpul AFG (mainly to keep the support hand away from the operating rod), Aimpoint Micro on Ultimak rail. The carbine is … Continue reading

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Seeking advice on traveling around Italy

My parents and I are going to Italy in late May. In Rome we still have a choice of living either close to metro Piazza Bologna on via Michele di Lando or in a slightly more comfortable flat on Via di Santa Petronilla … Continue reading

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M1A’s little sister

We test-fired the Mini-14 and a 20″ Colt HBAR earlier. With 55gr ball, the AR15 mounting a 1-4x Trijicon Accupoint yielded 3″ groups at 100. Mini-14 shot 2″ groups with 2.5x Leupold scout scope, shown above on the M1A. So … Continue reading

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Dry fire practice with shotgun

Trying out a Primary Arms red dot attached to Saiga 12 through an Ultimak rail. Ear protection isn’t used until later, when live ammunition comes into use. Ten round magazine is by AGP.

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Scheduling dilemma.

This year, Porcfest and Libertycon overlap. Not sure how to be both places at once. Porcfest would be interesting and place me near some of my clients from NH and MA. But driving to it would require going through NY … Continue reading

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Having an awesome time in Idaho

Taking hundreds of photos daily, observing much wildlife (deer, turkey, quail, various raptors, ground squirrel), eating well (both home cooked meals and amazing CD’s BBQ) and hanging out with great people. Also sharpening my rifle and shotgun skills….apparently, I can … Continue reading

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A bargain in precision rifles: new on AllOutdoor

Savage Mk.II FV-SR The article has video, too.

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