Little Ugly

Good, old reliable M1 carbine made ugly for the sake of greater utility. Choate folding stock with pistol grip, Magpul AFG (mainly to keep the support hand away from the operating rod), Aimpoint Micro on Ultimak rail. The carbine is held by Lyle Keeney, the designer of Ultimak rails. It’s light enough that one-handed firing is possible.

The same carbine but with a Primary Arms red dot as the more budget-friendly solution.

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7 Responses to Little Ugly

  1. Rolf says:

    I always thought the M1 Carbine was one of the best looking guns ever used by the US military. I just wish it didn’t fire quite such an anemic cartridge. But it is/was light and stylish like no other primary weapon.

  2. Sylvilagus Aquaticus says:

    A few years ago I bought a near-new IAI produced carbine. It was built late in the production run and so far has been a decent little shooter. With the price of war babies so high the Kahr/Auto Ordnance models would certainly be worth a look.

  3. LarryArnold says:

    Interesting contrast. Pony tail : bare skin :: buzz cut : ink

  4. Ray says:

    The IAI carbines ARE nice, at least all of them I’ve seen/shot. Well made & accurate. The Ka-har -har/ AO carbines are JUNK . Poorly made, poorly fitted , “jam-O- matics” that won’t hit a barn door . Their mags suck too , poorly made with shoddy materials and poor Q.C. . —–My dady , A WW-2 US Army combat vet ,used to say that the M-1 carbine was “the best semi auto pistol the Army ever put in the field”, and that is exactly what the WW-2 Army meant it to be, a PDW/ sidearm for RTO’s , Officers and REMF’s. NOT as a “primary combat weapon”.

    • Lyle says:

      We have an IAI here, and we’ve put more than a few thousands of rounds though it with very few hickups. I will say that the exposed lead base of most FMJ ammo resulted in lead dross build-up in the gas chamber, eventually causing the piston to jam on the hard dross, preventing the bolt from getting into full lock-up. If you only fire a few thousand rounds in a lifetime, you’ll never notice this, but if you shoot a lot, use TMJs or HP, so you have the bullet base covered.

      Our A.O; we have yet to do much with it, but it certainly needs something to get it to run right. I’m not giving up on it just yet…

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  6. Rob L says:

    Lyle may not be the most handsome man on the block but “Little Ugly” is a bit harsh.
    Good an old shooting buddy doing well.

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