Her daddy’s rifle

Some girls run off with dad’s car keys. This one borrowed his M1A instead.

She’s a junior Appleseed instructor already at age 18.

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6 Responses to Her daddy’s rifle

  1. sean says:

    I shot my M1A as well today. And a friends Socom as well. My Garand and Mini 14 came along as well. There was no one nearly as pretty as her on the range. I would have noticed. A good time was still had.

  2. Paul Koning says:

    Nice beard!

  3. Y. says:


    That beard could prob’bly be used to filter krill out of seawater…

  4. Awtha says:

    THAT looks like one proud daddy!

  5. Sulaco says:

    I know how this works! My son decided he needed my M92 Beretta when he turned 21.

  6. Towerclimber37 says:

    I know exactly how that man feels. I imagine I’m going to feel like that myself in about 17 years.
    and yes, I’ll also have the epic beard.

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