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Movie review: Army of Crime

Army of Crime Plot: 9 Acting: 10 Music: 9 SFX: 8 A very good depiction of the problems faced by civilians who want to survive and fight back against domestic and foreign oppression. Better than most films on this topic.

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An interesting short film

Land of the Free. Curious to see DHS presented as the Gestapo was shown in the 1950s films. The portrayal of the resistance is very reminiscent of the French treatment of their own history.

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Massacre in Norway

Not surprisingly, photos from the island show numerous rescuers with submachine guns on their shoulders. The mass killing ended when good people showed up with firepower of their own. Exactly the same happened in Virginia Tech. As soon as police … Continue reading

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Sometimes the underdog wins.

If we fight, we would likely lose For the foes are strong today But no matter how bad the odds A chance of success remains If we don’t fight but submit Trusting promises, bowing to threats No chance remains anymore … Continue reading

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