Glock 19 with a flourish

From Fighting Sheepdog. Combination Cerakote and KG Gunkote.

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6 Responses to Glock 19 with a flourish

  1. Ranger says:

    Sweet mother of chrome, that’s ugly!

    Who ever did that needs to be taken out and beaten until they see the error of their ways.
    I got no issue with decorating a pistol, I’ve seen some gorgeous examples.
    But that thing makes my eyes bleed.

  2. Lyle says:

    Well, it’s not for me, nor are any of the highly embelished “tribute” guns, nor the finely engraved English double guns, but I enjoy seeing them and I would be saddened if people stopped making such things.

    This one is very nice. Good job, who ever you are that did it!

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  4. Rachel Young says:

    LOL! This was for a female customer who wanted something girly and attention-getting. She is THRILLED with it.

    Definitely not for everyone. But also definitely custom made for the person who requested it!

  5. majmike says:

    Utter crap.

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