Ambidextrous rifle from Rainier Arms

Nice rifle, pity it isn’t mine. The Samson forend is quite small in circumference and very light thanks to careful skeletonizing. Magpul UBR stock, grip, sights and rail sling attachment. AXTS receiver has all controls duplicated left and right.

Rainier Arms

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7 Responses to Ambidextrous rifle from Rainier Arms

  1. MD Willington says:

    It’s nice, but it still only ejects from one side!

  2. Geoff says:

    I live in Auburn, WA.

    Want me to hop down there and point them your way, Oleg? Perhaps they might send you stuff to photograph/test out? 😀

    • Oleg Volk says:

      This rifle actually came from Rainier Arms, but it’s their demo unit for trade shows. Soon, it will be returned. But feel free to say “hi” to them for me.

  3. Humans are ambidextrous (possessing equal dexterity on either side), machines and devices are equipped with bilateral controls. Wonder if that convention of language will ever be corrected?
    Nice rifle in any case!

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  5. Very cool. This looks like a great option for many people. I still personally prefer having the LH eject because of gases and brass. I like the high-forward grip and find with a standard rifle the hot brass ejects off my forearm and sometimes directly into my face. But there’s always a compromise whatever way you go as a lefty.

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