GSG522 gets scoped

When I took the 522 carbine to the range first, I had a (broken) red dot sight with it — predictably, the results didn’t look useful until I removed it and used iron sights. The gun comes with several front sight posts (held in with a screw) but the one I had installed — a “big dot” type was not conducive to precision shooting. So I returned with a Primary Arms 1-4x scope.

I really like that scope: it’s cheap, sharp, fairly bright and holds more recoil than I am willing to experience myself. I’ve also been converting most of my rifles to Magpul type 2 slings.

For lack of a front sling loop, para cord around the sight tower had to do.

The ribbed surface is rubber and feels nice in hand. The charging handle would be a little longer.

The carbine has a good trigger. At 25 yards, I put most of a full 22-round magazine into one hole, losing my concentration on one shot. To me, this seems adequate for a plinker. Ammo: bulk Federal from 550-rd box. I did not have the time that day to re-shoot without a flinched shot. The gun runs with 30 or 40 grain ammunition equally well, and accuracy is also similar.

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7 Responses to GSG522 gets scoped

  1. Turk says:

    My Fiancee Linda and my friend Laurie both love their GSG’s. I’ve fired it. Nice. I’m waiting for the GSG .22 Sturmgewer to come out.


  2. Henry says:

    A fair-to-middlin’ group.

  3. Sean says:

    Ok, you sold me. I went and bought one today. The local sporting goods store has ’em for $269. I can(well, sorta)afford that.

  4. HSR47 says:

    It appears that you have the sling installed backwards; the funky looking d-ring you show at the front is the point to which you attach the other end when using it as a single-point sling.

  5. Alicia says:

    What mount is that on the 1-4?

  6. Oleg Volk says:

    It is made by Armalite.

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