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Iron sights for the win!

Keltec SU16A is an excellent example of .223 “light rifle” with 18.5″ barrel and long sight radius. Tech Sight peep improves on factory with repeatable adjustments, sight radius extended to 18.75″ and two apertures for short/long range. With M855 (62gr) … Continue reading

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Should I give another try to wing shooting?

I am a notoriously bad shotgunner. Part of this is the lack of practice — I get much better a couple hundred of rounds into practice session. But I get 3 of 25 after a long break, which suggests that … Continue reading

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Aperture sights for AK rifle

While notch and post sights work reasonably well with young eyes and select-fire weapons, aperture sights are usually preferred for semi-auto rifles. In the AK world, that  includes Valemt, Galil and the new Russian AK12. Tech Sights and Texas Weapon … Continue reading

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New post up on CTD blog: Homeboy sights for rifles

Building on to the glories of Birdman Homie Night sights: now for rifles.

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