What kind of chicken is this?

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  1. Fluffy. Appears to be one of the Bantam breeds, possibly an Ameraucauna or Araucana. (both breeds can have wildly divergent feather colors)

  2. That almost looks like the result of a a chicken hawk stopping by and instead of eating chicken, got a bit frisky.

  3. Paladin says:

    Can’t help you out with the ID, sorry. A better question might be: “What is it doing just sitting there…. why isn’t it crossing the dang road?”

  4. Shotgunner says:

    No chicken. It is a bird of prey.

  5. April says:



    *everyone* knows chickens are WHITE and live in 12″ x 12″ x 12″ cages stacked 12 high by 100 long in dimly lit factories – DUH!

    Chicken in the GRASS! Next he’ll be sending us the dodo!

  6. Jeff Jenkins says:

    I’m sayin’ it’s an Americona pullet (a sub-adult) chicken. Here is a picture of one in it’s adult feather. As mentioned above, their color may vary (dark-light).

  7. Terry T says:

    Based on the above comments it looks like your best hope is for Patrice to stop by.
    Me, all I see are trout flys in waiting.


  8. It’s a tasty chicken!

  9. samsam von virginia says:


  10. Raptor says:

    Looks like the little chicken hawk from the Foghorn Leghorn Looney Tunes. What was his name again?

  11. jimbob86 says:

    Foo-foo or chi-chi (shi-shi?)….. someone or mor likely a bunch of someones spent a lot of time and chicken feed to breed for “pretty”. Though it probalbly tastes a lot better than the white ones raised in 12 high crate stacks!

  12. GmBH says:

    I’ll second the Araucana/Americauna ident. Our mixed flock (lots of bastards and half-breeds) has mixed coloration that is similar, particularly the lacing at feather’s end. The give-away is the ear-feathers, always pronounced with Araucana/Americauna. They lay colored eggs; neither brown nor white, but shades of green, blue, rose etc.

  13. Grayson says:

    The kind of chicken that looks at you like you owe him money. 🙂

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