Leader 50 finally enters productions.

Last week, I went to Micor Defense in Decatur, AL with Charles St.George and other colleagues. We test-fired the updated Leader 50 and looked at the first parts produced for the initial batch of rifles.

We chronographed the gun, tried it with scope and red dot sights. Since the rifle is short and light enough for off-hand firing, a red dot is a good option for CQB use. Shown with lightweight Atlas bipod.

Feedback from the shooter: “Barret kicks like a mule, this gun kicks like a dog.”

Average velocity with M33 ball from the 24″ barrel was right under 2800fps.

The production rifle will look different in minor details, but the design is pretty much finalized. You can pre-order it now for early 2013 delivery.

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11 Responses to Leader 50 finally enters productions.

  1. Roger Emutt says:

    CQB with a 50 cal? Really? Hate to pay your dry cleaning bill….

    • Oleg Volk says:

      CQB doesn’t always mean room clearing — could just as easily refer to digging out a a barricaded foe by going through the barricade instead of around it, or stopping a vehicle before it runs over you and your own roadblock. Ranges under 100m where ability to aim fast is important.

  2. Brice says:

    I hope that comment about CQB use was tongue in cheek. Who doesn’t need a semi-auto bullpup .50 cal!

  3. Glenn Bellamy says:

    Nice ATLAS bipod too.

  4. I saw 1,999 and almost pooped. Hands on the wallet and I look over and see 7,999. =/ Will .50 prices every get lower? For 8 grand I could buy a small armored truck and drive my my bullets over to the enemy. Very nice weapon system though.

  5. Y. says:

    Must be a loud, with the blast channelled backward by the muzzle break…

  6. The Jack says:

    I am so glad I’m a leftie.

    That and the price make this something that can’t tempt me.

    • Arran says:

      A left-handed version is planned.

      Also, with regard to the report, it is no louder than any other .50 BMG rifle with a muzzle brake.

  7. Whyawannaknow says:

    So they tell the velocity but not MOA? Enquiring minds want to know! As much fun as shooting it off hand could be, not paying 10 grand for an inacurate long range rifle-

    • Oleg Volk says:

      It should be accurate thanks to the truly free-floated barrel (which is rare in gas-operated guns) but we shot ball and most of the firing was done by the designer. He’s not much of a precision rifleman by his own admission. With EOTech at 50 yards, bullets holes were touching. We’ll fire it for accuracy this month and report the results with various ammunition brands, ball and match.

  8. Firehand says:

    First thought when I saw CQB was
    “Harris, take that wall!”

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