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Single shot rifles and lying liars who lie.

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Roll over and submit? Sure…

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St. George Arms Leader 50A1: new on AllOutdoor

Compact, lightweight, well-mannered 50BMG rifle

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A matter of priorities

Single shot Ferret 50 with, of course, a Nightforce scope. Hornady 750-grain match ammo.

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Shooting 50BMG for the first time.

After taking photos of the Micor Leader 50 bullpup for a couple of years, I finally got around to shooting it. Since Charles St.George, the designer, didn’t have a scope with it, I mounted a 2.5x Konus shotgun scope kindly … Continue reading

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Serbu 50BMG rifle

For an upcoming magazine article.

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Leader 50 finally enters productions.

Last week, I went to Micor Defense in Decatur, AL with Charles St.George and other colleagues. We test-fired the updated Leader 50 and looked at the first parts produced for the initial batch of rifles. We chronographed the gun, tried … Continue reading

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Just back from the range

Leader 50 is finally in production at Micor but we played with the prototype. Nightforce 12-42×46 scope in American Defense QD mount.

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50BMG cartridge pen by Brian Evichin

The real reason why the pen is sometimes mightier than the sword. Pen details

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Leader 50 semi-auto bullpup

Went to the range with Charles St.George yesterday. His Leader 50 rifle is a ten-shot semi-auto bullpup that is light enough at 17 pounds to be fired off-hand if necessary. Recoil is very similar in character and force to M1 … Continue reading

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My photo on the cover of Tactical Weapons magazine

Additional images

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