Of all offensive legal and political concepts, permit to work has to be among the worst. It’s absence gives people the choice between begging and perishing. Hopefully, with the increased amount of work done on-line and across borders, the state’s ability to enforce this travesty would decline.

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  1. Phssthpok says:

    I have been calling it a ‘State Slave Number’ for years now. Not one person has been able to effectively argue against that label when presented with the litany of things one is not ‘allowed’ to do without one.

  2. True. Just ask several generations of Scots and Irish how that worked for them when England took away their right to support their families.

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  4. Lyle says:

    It’s the state getting between people who would otherwise be making their own choices, and saying “No!”

    You cannot simultanaesouly claim to advocate choice and call for permit or licensing requirements, anymore than you can claim to support minorities’ rights while denying the individual’s (the smallest minority’s) rights, anymore than one can claim that some have a “right” to the property of others without paying for it in a mutually agreed trade.

    “Mind your business” comes to us from America’s founding period, and it’s good advice anywhere, any time. “Do Your Thing But Don’t Touch Mine” is a song by Goose Creek Symphony. Unfortunately, that basic principle has been lost on some people in the Central Planning (Progressive, i.e. communist) movement.

    What a tangled web of lies surrounds us.

  5. says:

    When you wrote “It’s absence gives people the choice between begging and perishing.” did you mean “Its presence?”

    Government should have authority to enforce contracts that have been voluntarily agreed to by free people, but should not have the authority to decide who can enter into a contract with whom.

    And the size and health of the black market and illegal workforce testifies to the fact that people will seek out what work they can find. Unfortunately, they must do it without legal protection as criminals.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I meant “absence of permission”.

      To me, the extend of the so-called “black market jobs” is usually a condemnation of whatever laws govern employment.

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