New Lucid optics

I use their red dot sight on a 458SOCOM AR. Recommended them to a colleague, then decided to see what’s new on the Lucid site.

The red dot has been joined by a variable 2-5x magnifier for red dots and a 6-24x long-range scope. I like the rangefinding reticle and the glass is bright, clear and high in contrast.

Anyway, I liked how the product photos came out and wanted to share them.

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5 Responses to New Lucid optics

  1. April says:

    Dude no joke! That first picture is particularly superior, Oleg. Nice work, the line up, balance, variation, focal, ***gorgeous***

  2. Usagi says:

    Very nice optics. Great photography as always.

  3. Bob in Houston says:

    Great shots, what make of magazine is in the SOCOM?

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