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Don’t hide behind your pets

Dogs are less likely to use deadly force appropriately than responsible people. Depending on their training, they may hurt a person who shouldn’t be bitten or fail to go after a genuine intruder. Dogs are more likely to get hurt … Continue reading

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Ratworx ZRX Suppressor: new on AllOutdoor

Compact modular sound moderator for Tavor 9mm conversion.

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I blame DDB!

Back in 1994-95, David Dyer-Bennet was the main factor behind my increased interest in RKBA. His reasoned explanation of how he saw reality were compelling. He also had the books of RA Heinlein on his side. By 1996, I looked … Continue reading

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Accessorized Tavor

  Top rail designed to match AR15’s height over the stock comb for comfortable sight picture, a small side rail and a hollow forend with integral weapon light: all made by my friend Paul’s Gear Head Works. 9mm Tavor conversion … Continue reading

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Tavor from the October bullpup shoot

16.5″ black version with Meprolight red dot and Gear Head Works forend (with Primary Arms weapon light). This light is currently on sale.

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A-tacs camo works pretty well.

This Tavor uses a Gear Head Works forend that holds any 1″ light or laser (a Primary Arms tactical light with tape switch in this instance). The suppressor looks big because it’s a YHM .308 can mounted on a .223 … Continue reading

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Back from the NRA show.

Full report would take more time than I have, so I will start with a few photos. Chris Cheng with IWI Tavor and Primary Arms light and soon to be released red dot. The same rifle with a rather nice … Continue reading

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Photos of Tavor in Israeli use

I am looking for documentary photos showing Tavor rifles in actual use. These have to be publishable as elements of an illustration — either in the public domain or with known, reachable authors. High resolution — 2000px and up highly … Continue reading

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NRA Show in St.Louis 2012 re-cap

The show was much smaller and much better organized than SHOT. 90% of the useful info in 20% of the space. Media support was stellar. Got to meet fellow bloggers, see my images used in about a dozen booths and … Continue reading

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