I blame DDB!

Back in 1994-95, David Dyer-Bennet was the main factor behind my increased interest in RKBA. His reasoned explanation of how he saw reality were compelling. He also had the books of RA Heinlein on his side. By 1996, I looked like this — posing with one of his carbines. Some of my first RKBA posters featured him in turn, and he hosted my best sites for several years. Fast-forwarding to present day, David is still an influence in photography and guns.

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3 Responses to I blame DDB!

  1. l2a3 says:

    I recommend checking your photograph date, as I do not believe the Tavor was in civilian hands in 1996. If I am incorrect, sorry.

  2. Lyle says:

    Didn’t he play for the Greatful Dead?

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