Don’t get too excited…it’s an Uzi A semi-auto carbine with a short display-only barrel. The real thing has 16 inches of rifled pipe but only about ten inch sight radius, roughly stamped and welded receiver and a heck of a recoil spring to make up for it being plain blowback. A real uzi is select fire and uses advanced ignition blowback to reduce felt recoil. On the plus side, an Uzi is generally a robust and reliable arm holding 25 or 32 rounds, enough for a small terrorist infestation.

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  1. LarryArnold says:

    I bet she could handle large terrorists just as well. [groan]

    • Oleg Volk says:

      It’s only a 9 mil, those hardly ever kill anyone…

      • Siege says:

        That’s true when talking about mil-spec/-issue 9mm.

        I have a Marine buddy who reported that while in Afghanistan, they had an insurgent who was positively ID’d as someone they had been in a firefight with just an hour or so previously who walked, unescorted, on his own two feet, into an aid/surrender station to seek medical aid after having been shot 7 times. In addition to sewing up a few holes from 5.56mm rounds that had penetrated all the way through, they pulled 2 rounds of 9mm out of his gut/chest. This is consistent with many other reports I have heard from servicemen, either personally or through the grapevine, about the extremely poor performance of their issue 9mm’s.

        Just goes to show how important it is to choose high-quality, hollow-point defensive ammunition, REGARDLESS of what caliber your firearm is.

      • LarryArnold says:

        True. Depending on which study you cite, 80 to 85% of the people shot with a handgun survive. I suspect pistol-caliber carbines would produce about the same result.

  2. David Carlson says:

    Cx4 9mm carbine from Beretta uses the same inside-the-pistol-grip magazine housing as the 9mm Uzi and its Czech samopal Vz24 antecedent. “Hand follows hand” makes for easy reloading of magazines, that’s for sure. Too bad no one makes an “L” magazine like the Israelis developed for the Uzi. Of course, the Cx4 is a self-loading carbine firing from a closed bolt, with a legally-mandated 16.6in. barrel while the Uzi carbine is reworked open bolt smg with a spindly, long U.S.-legal 16in. barrel.

    For me, the 9mm Cx4 is sort of a “poor man’s MP5” of sorts…

  3. SPEMack says:

    When I think of the Uzi, I can’t help but think of the attempt on Reagan and the USSS guy with the rocking mustache, three piece suit, and hey, I just pulled an Uzi from my brief case.

    In some fun alternate history, awesome mustache guy mows down a plethora of evil Commie Commandoes intent on preventing Perestroika.

    Nice pic, Oleg.

  4. Pa State Cop says:

    Always preferred the wood stock myself. Better cheek weld.

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