A-tacs camo works pretty well.

This Tavor uses a Gear Head Works forend that holds any 1″ light or laser (a Primary Arms tactical light with tape switch in this instance).

The suppressor looks big because it’s a YHM .308 can mounted on a .223 rifle as a field expedient. Large internal volume compensated for a larger opening pretty well.

The optic is a Burris 1-4x XTR-14 with illuminated horseshoe reticle.

Despite being highlighted by selective focus, the a-tacs patterned (by BAM Customs) rifle and uniform still blend in the background quite well. In dappled forest light, this guy was nearly invisible.

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9 Responses to A-tacs camo works pretty well.

  1. Ray says:

    I’m pretty “meh” about most cammo and “tacticool” stuff. But I was wondering how that Tavor handles ? It looks blocky and clumsy. Dose it balance well? How easy is it to field strip and clean?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      It balances and handles very well. It has no obvious sharp, hot or otherwise dangerous surfaces accessible to hands. Field stripping is easy — similar to AUG in terms of complexity. I like the Tavor quite a bit.

      • Omnifox says:

        It is an absolute blast to shoot and run. It is weighted in a way, that one handed use is completely possible.

        I just tossed an MTAC onto mine, changing up from an EOTech. http://i.imgur.com/q1iSkeX.jpg

        The trigger, is actually pretty dang good for a bullpup. The people I see bitching about it, I wonder if they actually shoot many rifles. It is right there with a milspec AR, if not better after the little “trigger job”.

        All in all, the best fighting rifle I have ever owned.

        • Ray says:

          Thanks Guys!! I looked up the web sight and down loaded the PDF file on cleaning and running the rifle. I gotta get my hands on one and try it out. It might wind up as my first .223/5.56. (I have allways been a Garand/03/Lee Enfield/Winchester kind of guy. BUT I really like what I saw in that FM)

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  3. Joe S. says:

    While I like the looks and layout of the Tavor, enough to be considering a purchase, I’ve concerns about that trigger hanging in all of that open space.

  4. scott taylor says:

    When did you get a DFLCS kit?

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  6. Dave Trachet says:

    Thanks for the mention on the Tavor finish, it is much appreciated! -Dave @ BAM Customs

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