Photos of Tavor in Israeli use

I am looking for documentary photos showing Tavor rifles in actual use. These have to be publishable as elements of an illustration — either in the public domain or with known, reachable authors. High resolution — 2000px and up highly preferred.

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  1. David Carlson says:

    You have these already, I expect. They aren’t high enough resolution, but perhaps the authors or photographers can be contacted?

  2. D2k says:

    When you find pictures and they are not high enough resolution try using google image search’s feature for finding other resolutions of the image.
    go to
    click the camera icon in the search field
    enter the url of the image you would like to find
    for instance
    click the largest size link next to the image
    medium in this instance
    gives this link

  3. David W. says:

    Best I can find is here:

    I’m not even 100% sure it IS the Tavor, it looks like it but I can’t tell due to hand placement. Does the IDF have any bullpups other than the Tavor?

    Hope it helps a little bit.

  4. BStacks says:


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