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Good parenting is more than…

…just taking your two champion kids to World Steel Championship 2015 and shooting along with them, it’s also about horsey rides even if the kids are already teenagers. Talk about setting a high standard for their future mates!  

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Canon T90 with 17mm lens. (nsfw)

(Photo of T90 with 50mm lens by Mark Probst) My first “serious” SLR camera after coming to the US was the awful T-60, an unreliable and vibration-prone entry level camera. I opted for it over used AE1 and similar bodies … Continue reading

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Two girls, one camera (nsfw)

Something to do on a rainy morning.

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Single action for the win!

Brookie sights a Coonan 357, while Alexandra squeezes the trigger on a Para Ordnance 45 and Allison racks her Para. We got wraparound Sawfly safety glasses to make sure that empties can’t enter from the side. Notice than none of … Continue reading

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Other people’s photo shoots

I sat in a corner and took snapshots while Rebecca photographed Pamela. Since the photos were taken over several hours, the photographer’s own outfit changed (first to go out in public to lunch, then back for more comfort)

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Abolish tax on hearing protection!

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