From empty hand to full in a second

Ruger LC9 with Viridian Reactor R5 resided in a holster corset. Very quick and allows for discreet carry of fairly large pistols (up to G19 or 3.5″ M1911).

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6 Responses to From empty hand to full in a second

  1. Kevin says:

    pretty girl, corset, gun – it’s like heaven.

  2. Uli says:

    It would be great to see how much or how little the gun actually prints. The models hand block the area where the holster is located.

  3. Timmeehh says:

    OMG, it’s Diana Rigg reborn!

  4. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    Drop-dead gorgeous.

    Literally. ;^)’

  5. Brian L says:

    Choice is good. This would be an alternative to the flash bang bra holster, requiring more flash.

  6. muse says:

    Any one know how much this prints? And any girls know how comfortable it is? (I’ve thus far found it impossible to find a holster to carry concealed that is tolerable to wear and that doesn’t print horribly).

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