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Fun with tracers.

Southern Ballistic Research extended range 45ACP tracers combined with the low-recoil gas-operated Alpha carbine add up to fun and fearsome capability.

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Uzi loaded with tracers

Wherever he is, John Galt probably prefers a weapon with more range. The Uzi, especially with the solid wooden stock, does work all right to about 100 meters. A little more forward lean would have been nice, but it worked … Continue reading

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Tracers in the night

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Pleasant surprises at the range.

When I go to a range, I usually fire off the magazine in my carry pistol to replace the old ammunition with fresh. With the 1911, I am always surprised when my target gets illuminated with a red dot. I … Continue reading

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New video about tracer ammunition

I find tracers extremely helpful for longer range handgun training and so quite willing to promote Buddy Singleton and SBR Ammunition.

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Low-light shooting aids: new on CTD blog

Read Imperfection of Vision.

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Classic Uzi

Janine is firing tracers from it…she giggled like a little girl. Few things bring a bigger smile than swarms of angry little fireflies launched at steel targets at a safe distance.

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