Fun with tracers.

Southern Ballistic Research extended range 45ACP tracers combined with the low-recoil gas-operated Alpha carbine add up to fun and fearsome capability.

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2 Responses to Fun with tracers.

  1. Ray says:

    When fired in the forest or field. Tracers can and will set things on fire. They should only be used outside combat on an appropriate range with an earth berm backstop.

    • Lyle says:

      Yup; they’re amazingly effective fire starters. Of course you fully realize that only after it’s too late.

      But as it alludes in the their product description, tracers are also a real eye-opener when it comes to realizing just how ineffective your berms are at your range. I recommend them (in the snow cover of winter) for that reason; you think your bullets are all stopping in your berms and backstops? Hah! Think again, Cupcake.

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