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vz58 shortie

A compact customization of vz58 carbine.

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Roni and Mic-Roni pistol adapters: new on AllOutdoor

Extending the range of handgun the Israeli way.

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Kel-Tec SU16D short-barreled rifle in action

The boring reliability is why an SU16 is my go-to rifle.

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One Possible Solution to .223 Ammunition Shortage.

Every place I’ve checked is out of .223 ball ammunition. If you have a limited supply of your go-to ammo but still need regular practice, look into frangibles loaded by SBR. In my experience, they work well in AR15 and … Continue reading

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Ready on the right?

Mike with AKSU74.

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A variation on the AKSU theme

A friend just stopped by to show off his new pet, an AKSU variation in 5.56mm. Симпатичная “сучка” получилась.

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An excellent range day

For once, I went to the range without a camera. With several guns to fire in a limited time and poor lighting available, I concentrated on having fun. We set up at 25 yards and played for a while. One … Continue reading

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New video about tracer ammunition

I find tracers extremely helpful for longer range handgun training and so quite willing to promote Buddy Singleton and SBR Ammunition.

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Low-light shooting aids: new on CTD blog

Read Imperfection of Vision.

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Kills on one end. Pushes a little on the other.

458 SOCOM approximates full power 45-70 Govt. external ballistics. Anyone who’s fired 45-70 in either a lever action or a bolt rifle knows that the recoil is quite substantial. 458 ought to be as brutal except that it’s used primarily … Continue reading

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