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vz58 shortie

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Roni and Mic-Roni pistol adapters: new on AllOutdoor

Extending the range of handgun the Israeli way.

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Kel-Tec SU16D short-barreled rifle in action

The boring reliability is why an SU16 is my go-to rifle.

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One Possible Solution to .223 Ammunition Shortage.

The ammo shown here was left over after out October 9 Industry Shoot. SBR still have some in stock (about 20 thousand rounds as of today), but I am not sure how long that will last as they are filling … Continue reading

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Ready on the right?

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A variation on the AKSU theme

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An excellent range day

For once, I went to the range without a camera. With several guns to fire in a limited time and poor lighting available, I concentrated on having fun. We set up at 25 yards and played for a while. One … Continue reading

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New video about tracer ammunition

I find tracers extremely helpful for longer range handgun training and so quite willing to promote Buddy Singleton and SBR Ammunition.

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Low-light shooting aids: new on CTD blog

Read Imperfection of Vision.

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Kills on one end. Pushes a little on the other.

Lower recoil means that even lightly built shooters can concentrate on aiming instead of recoil management. While 150m is about the practical limit for this round, inside that range it imparts quite a momentum to objects or makes wide, deep … Continue reading

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