Kills on one end. Pushes a little on the other.

458 SOCOM approximates full power 45-70 Govt. external ballistics. Anyone who’s fired 45-70 in either a lever action or a bolt rifle knows that the recoil is quite substantial. 458 ought to be as brutal except that it’s used primarily in short receiver AR15 rifles: autoloading and recoil buffer turn the sharp jolt into more of a gradual shove, similar to 20ga with birdshot.

Lower recoil means that even lightly built shooters can concentrate on aiming instead of recoil management. While 150m is about the practical limit for this round, inside that range it imparts quite a momentum to objects or makes wide, deep holes in dangerous creatures. The 20rd magazine shown holds 7 rounds, the standard 30rd .223 magazines hold 10.

The best 458 loads yield about 1MOA from AR15 uppers. Moly-coated SBR cartridge shown. That said, the main purpose of 458 isn’t long-range accuracy but thumping dangerous things up close.

A better trunk monkey!

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5 Responses to Kills on one end. Pushes a little on the other.

  1. Bill Cyrus says:

    That’s gotta be a great round to run subsonic and suppressed, too. 600 grains @ 1000 fps is a sledgehammer.

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  4. Gewehr98 says:

    I never considered my .45-70 Sharps as a 150 yard gun, and that’s running 530gr cast boolits way, way out there at a sedate 1200fps muzzle velocity. Our shooting forefathers knew how to work with an arched trajectory, sans scopes or red dot sights. Put a 20 MOA scope base on that AR and get busy!

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