Don’t wait for a knight in shining armor.

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  1. DBaker says:

    Interesting rifle. Looks like an ambi ejection piston ar upper– which I’m completely unfamiliar with.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I will be posting more about it soon: it’s a Faxon left-hand long-stroke piston upper (also made in right-hand). Basically AK style gas system but with a FAL-type regulator. No gas in the receiver, almost none from the ejection port (I could shoot left-hand version comfortably from the right shoulder), suppresses gracefully (zero blowback) and has very mild recoil. Can be used with folding stocks. Barrel is a quick-change type, 223 or 300BLK. I am a fan.

  2. Ken says:

    More info in target base?

  3. Thanks for the image post and link to our Extreme Hostage Target system.

    More Info: The hostage targets can be setup with a small cardboard ‘wind sail’ for random movements, or you can use the rear pulley system to attach a line for manual control of the hostage.

    You can check out more videos below:

    In the spirit of Halloween and Zombie Targets –

    Controlling via pulley system SWAT Training –

    KY Swat Training –

    *NOTE – Dual movement requires 2 target systems…

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