VERY accurate rifles

Left-hand version

Right-hand version

Left-hand, again

300gr @ 2900fps, 0.3MOA — and reasonable recoil thanks to an effective muzzle brake. More photos soon. Guns created by Michael Meador of EFI, LLC.

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7 Responses to VERY accurate rifles

  1. Godzilla1 says:

    those are some beautiful rifles.

  2. perspicuity says:

    from everything i’ve read, quite accurate. also spendy 🙂

    for the cheap money, i’ll have to settle with similar type Savage models. their .22LR is seriously nifty.

  3. vonkrag says:

    I’ve been shooting a Savage 12 BR in 6.5 x 284 NORMA and I like it a LOT! Easy to load & mild recoil make it very nice for a BR type guy. I’ve only had a few chances to go the .338 Lapua route but this set of rifles makes me drool a bit. I guess if one has to ask the price one can’t afford them.

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  5. David says:

    Mike does some good work.

  6. Talgaton says:

    девушка где?

  7. Sha-ul says:

    must be a 300 Lapua Magnum

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