Brown paper bags

Does anyone know a local (Nashville, TN) source of grocery paper bags? I’d like to get a hundred or so for use as targets. Buying them on-line generally means almost doubling the purchase price because of shipping charges.

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  1. Mr. Meval says:

    It would be of help if LJ and this were better integrated.

    You can get brown craft paper by the roll at craft stores. If it must be a brown paper bag you can check out a local janitorial / food service supply. If your order is significant enough they’ll deliver for free.

    Simple search

    Small bag


    Their store is quirky you’ll have to search rather than browse.

    I only picked them because they have an online presence, check and see if the school has a supplier who will give you a better deal.

  2. Steve says:

    Try this company, brought them up on a simple Google search

  3. Flint says:

    You could ask a grocery store. They may be willing to just order a few extra, next time they restock…

  4. mrmacs says:

    If the old H.G. Hills grocery store on West End Ave. and White Bridge Rd. were still open, and I were still bagging groceries there, I’d hook you up. Considering that was… 30 years ago, can’t help you.

  5. Geoff says:

    Sam’s Club stocks brown paper bags.

  6. BFD says:

    I just ask for extras when I get groceries, they never mind if I grab a handful. I could probably amass the hundred in 5-6 trips just by asking nicely.

    Sam’s has rolls of brown and white paper in mongo-size … butcher paper and packing.

    I assume you know about cutting them into cheap person-shape targets? For anyone curious, you slash the bag the easy way while it is folded, and then cut what used to be the front&back bottom folds out, leaving the side.

  7. Oleg,
    Try either Sam’s club, costco or Gordon Food Service. I know gfs has them and you don’t need a membership.

  8. Carl says:

    GFS in Murfreesboro had them a few days ago–I got some for a Cub Scout project.

  9. Kat says:

    What size do you need?
    If they’re the smaller, lunch sack size ones, you can get them at a dollar store. lets you order things to the store to avoid shipping, too! 🙂
    As for larger, more grocery sized ones, I think Sam’s Club sells them.
    Even larger, yard/landscaping bags can be had at Home Depot, although for that amount I would think that you would want to call a local store and have them pre-ordered. That way you can get out of paying shipping. 🙂

  10. Sha-ul says:

    Go to your nearest Aldi grocery store, they sell the bags there for .05 apiece, plus the groceries there are Uber cheap…

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