Keeping a low profile.

In Tennessee, openly carried pistols and obvious long gun cases don’t get much attention. In other states, discretion is a good idea because of government agents and other thieves. Some people carry pistols in diaper bags on the assumption that nobody would want to steal those. Others improvisations abound. If you want a bag that doesn’t scream “gun within, steal me!”, this Comp-Tac might be just the thing.

Almost half of my models are left-handed, so I am always interested in left-hand firearms. Rock River .223 is a true leftie, with all controls and ejection reversed from the usual. It fits the Trojan Horse bag with a 30rd magazine already inserted.

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8 Responses to Keeping a low profile.

  1. Red says:

    I LIKE it!! Excellent design.

  2. Bob G says:

    Nice design and size. I’ll consider picking one up! It would work great with some compact shotguns, as well.

    I’ve used tennis racket bags for smaller-sized long guns, but the size limit with a tennis bag is around 30″.


  3. Mattexian says:

    A hardshell case has a few points in favor of it it over my bat-bag for my AK, mainly that it keeps it shape and doesn’t deform around the gun, and protects against the gun within protruding against the case and making obvious rubbing marks, potentially wearing thru the material. Plus, since it’s not sport-specific, you don’t have too many awkward questions about where you play or on what team.

  4. piotr1600 says:

    I have been trending this way for awhile: I use an old Nike logoed baseball equipment bag that, with a little judicious padding is utterly innocuous – especially when you slip a ball bat (since the handle stays visible) in the bottom/long-side pocket – People just see what they expect to see, you know?
    Easily holds a couple of rifles with folding stocks, many mags, ear/eye pro and so on.

    I recently swapped my nice all-black “tactical” looking pistol range bag for a medium-ish sized tool bag – complete with logos – from the local home improvement store. It is quite well made, is slightly larger, has a bazillion internal & external pockets, a really comfy shoulder strap, and seriously – no one looks at it twice.

    One of my (sadly late) friends regularly used a well padded guitar “gig bag” to transport a couple of his rifles to the range- it worked really well, held a lot of gear and again, people saw what they expected to see – pretty much got no reaction at all…

  5. LarryArnold says:

    Almost half of my models are left-handed

    The competition must be brutal.

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  7. macnorfin says:

    I use a baseball bat bag and a soft guitar case. The guitar case usually gets some attention (and some laughs) at the range. But you would get a lot more attention if you were carrying an obvious rifle case on the streets of NYC.

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