Co-witnessing sights for AK47 and AK74

AK74 clone with TWS railed cover and co-witnessed Aimpoint and iron sights. Either v-notch (shown) or aperture sights from TWS co-witness perfectly with the low-mounted Aimpoint. Magpul CTR stock and AFG.

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9 Responses to Co-witnessing sights for AK47 and AK74

  1. thebronze says:

    What about the rail system? It’s stamped TWS, but it’s not on their website.

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  3. Chris in TX says:

    How well do the TWS rail and the forend rail align in this configuration? I’d love to try to use flip-up irons on an AK and not have to worry about the super-low optic mounting that’s required for use with standard AK sights.

    Who makes that forend, anyway?

  4. "lee n. field" says:

    What handguards are in use on that?

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