The carbine is a Teppo Jutsu .338Spectre designed for suppressed use with a standard 9mm can. Patches are from Milspec Monkey.

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21 Responses to Heterochromia

  1. perspicuity says:


    this is polydactyl: http://wordpress.npulse.org/2011/12/quit-hogging-all-the-fingers-daniel-the-26-toed-cat/

    imagine if cats could shoot guns? 🙂

  2. Tony says:

    That’s the best use of ACUs I’ve seen. Oh, and the rifle is nice also.

  3. Rob Morse says:

    I’d never have noticed without zooming in.

  4. Mad Ogre says:

    Her eyes are intense…

  5. Bobby says:

    Wow, She is pretty.

  6. tired dog says:

    Would like one…of each 🙂 You’ve got a way with a camera OV.

  7. Rivrdog says:

    .338 Spectre? Solution in search of a problem. Better solution:

    Buy a .44 Remington Magnum Ruger Deerfield. Used is fine. File your paperwork for the can and have a smith put threads on the barrel for it. When the papers are ready, have AAC build you a can.

    Now, when you walk into any decent gun shop, they will have at least 5 different hunting rounds for the .44 Magnum. If you don’t like them, you can always brew up your own, including heavy-bullet subsonic loads. You can also shoot .44 Special which is already subsonic, although the action may not cycle it semi-auto.

    In the alternative, you could get a Henry or Marlin or even some bolties in .44 Magnum, and have them fitted for the can.

    There are lots of choices for quietly launching a heavy, stable bullet to do damage at short to medium range, and none of them have to involve wildcat cartridges like the .338 Spectre which require you to have your own ammo trail wherever you go.

    • HTRN says:

      Solution in search of a problem? The Ruger 44 semi carbines, depending on whether it’s the old 10/44 or the Deerfield, have either a 3 round tube magazine, or a 4 round detachable rotary magazine.

      The AR based spectre, meanwhile will hold something like 28 rounds in the PRI 6.8SPC mag.

      And oh, if you got deep enough pockets, you can plop a Spectre upper onto full auto lower. That’s not really an option with the Rugers.

    • LFMayor says:

      subsonic, heavy bullet. you mean like .45 acp? It’s awfully tough to improve upon John Moses Browning.

      • Oleg Volk says:

        I like 45ACP in suppressed rifles. The difference between a 250-300gr .338 and a 230gr .45 is that the former will retain the velocity further, will be quieter (due to the smaller bore) and will penetrate body armor and other barriers much better.

  8. Ed Hering says:

    Where can I buy that patch?

  9. Ritchie says:

    Was the studio dimly lit, or does she really like you? Could you briefly describe the lighting setup?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Aperture Value f/8 Focal Length 70 mm
      ISO 100 Shutter Speed Value 1/120 sec

      I use flash, so she saw dimmer preview lights until the flashes fired. That might account for the large pupils.

  10. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    Yet another instance of co-opting our uniform, and jacking it up. Please, everyone, stop throwing ACU’s on a model, leaving flaps hanging down, sticking random patches all over the place, and calling it good.


    -That guy in the tank

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