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Ridiculous, defined

This is a 1954 Chinese type 53 (a clone of the Soviet M44 Mosin carbine). Somebody chopped the forend short, replaced the buttstock with an AKMS folding stock and a pistol grip of unknown provenance. The end result is a … Continue reading

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Two sides of the same person

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PKM might have odd ergonomics, but it is a very reliable design.

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This might explain why certain people prefer to riot in Oakland and Berkeley rather than in Inwood, WV. The locals would have put too much of a crimp in their style. Bonus: SVT40 photos from 2004.

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A roll in the hayloft with a Czech beauty

UK59 (“universal machinegun”) in 7.62x54R shows obvious ZB26/Bren features, but adds a unique cocking with the movable pistol grip. It also has the infamous shoulder thingie that goes up. My friend tells me that hay bales are actually quite good … Continue reading

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Hard at work, as usual.

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All in a day’s fun

Alexis proved herself a competent gun safety instructor. The SVD 7.62×54 rifle was fun, but the optic on top is no Trijicon… And then there’s the wait to load up the SAW and get to hammering the targets…

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Brass Stacker Mosin Scout rifle: New on AllOutdoor

Updating the military classic for practical field use I would also like to recommend an extensive video treatment of the same concept on the German side, a WW2 Mauser-based designated marksman rifle compared to the iron-sighted original.

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Upgrading the PSL

Romanian PSL is a decent way to launch 7.62x54R without punishing recoil. For a 13 year old marksman, that’s an important consideration. Sure, she’s fired 338 Lapua Mag rifles last year, but they were heavy, set up on a bipod … Continue reading

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Improving the PSL

PSL aka Romak3 is a 7.62x54R AK clone. It’s a Comblock designated marksman rifle popular in the US mainly because it is far more affordable than the Soviet SVD. It usually comes with either just iron sights or a truly … Continue reading

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1891/30 Mosin rifle

For some reason, this photo brings the images of Spanish civil war to mind. This rifle is a 122 year old design, updated in a minor way 84 years ago. This weapon and other arms like it still scare the … Continue reading

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Updated Mosin

K31-style loop safety, Archangel stock, Micor flash hider. K31 safety is fairly awkward, but it’s a huge improvement on the original Mosin design. Turned-down bolt handle permits a low scope mount.

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Girls with guns

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Most guns will do if you will

Out of these three rifles, I’d have to go with the SKS by preference. SVT40 has a harsh recoil and complex disassembly, K31 has an awkward safety and the paper/foil clips have to be oriented in a specific way for … Continue reading

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