1891/30 Mosin rifle

For some reason, this photo brings the images of Spanish civil war to mind.

This rifle is a 122 year old design, updated in a minor way 84 years ago. This weapon and other arms like it still scare the antis, even if they don’t admit it yet. It takes only a very superficial knowledge of history to know the effect they had in competent hands during WW2, Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Matt Bracken’s book Enemies Foreign and Domestic describes that reality, along with the eventual anti-gunner response.

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8 Responses to 1891/30 Mosin rifle

  1. "lee n. field" says:

    “This weapon and other arms like it still scare the antis, even if they don’t admit it yet. ”

    Especially with the bayonet fixed.

  2. That very same rifle continues to demonstrate its usefullness in the Sandbox, both for and against the US military…as it has for the best part of a century.

  3. Papa Zulu says:

    Regarding your caption comment: Yes, she does look ready to take to the barricades against the godless enemies of freedom! There truly is a strong evocation of that in the pose and dress. Perhaps the open collar and the angle of the head….

  4. Anon Y Moose says:

    Damn! She makes that M-N attractive! And that takes some doing.

    Beautiful strong young lady in a classic setting. She’s the pin up for anyone who vows to never be a victim.

  5. Joe S. says:

    A confident young woman…hard to believe you first posted her here as a make up and special effects artist. I have a strong suspicion she and her new husband will do well together.

  6. staghounds says:

    Sorry, only the “godless” side would have had her in that conflict- the Falange was all about barefoot and pregnant.

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