Improving the PSL

PSL aka Romak3 is a 7.62x54R AK clone. It’s a Comblock designated marksman rifle popular in the US mainly because it is far more affordable than the Soviet SVD. It usually comes with either just iron sights or a truly wretched 6x scope on a high side rail mount.

Best examples of this gun yield 1-1.5MOA. In .30 caliber semi-precision rifles, PSL is a fairly economical pick that can be further improved with better optics and forend.

Which is precisely what TWS rail cover and forend provide. The 10x scope shown allows the cover to be unlatched for cleaning while keeping zero.

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2 Responses to Improving the PSL

  1. Scott says:

    6x scope? man, I got screwed. Mine’s only a 4x scope. Pretty nice, though I need to find instructions on how to read the rangefinder.

    The major gripe is that the PSL most emphatically DOES NOT LIKE anything over 150gr. I actually had the firing pin blown out the back of the bolt shooting some S&B 174gr match ammo. Not good at all.

    But my ‘Petra’ will eat anything that comes in a spamcan all day long.

  2. Firehand says:

    I cannot remember where read about it, may have been Arfcom, someone worked out a way to thread the gas port inside the gas block and install a setscrew with a hole drilled through to reduce the size of the port. Most did it to make it easier to find their brass(not being thrown into the back forty), but some did it to reduce gas pressure so they could use heavier bullets.

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