Back from SHOT Show.

Just returned from the least stressful, most productive SHOT show in my career. I got to meet many friends from all over the world. Got to look and try a wide variety of arms and accessories. Bringing back tremendous amount of publishing and advertising work.


Oleg Volk. Tatiana Whitlock of ID Target Systems, Michelle DiCianni

Much of the success can be directly attributed to the sponsorship of run by Richard Neihaus. Chard was incredibly generous with his time and resources, taking care of most of the planning and logistics. He also enabled my self-defense trainer friend and fellow writer Michelle DiCianni to attend. Upon arrival, we were further surprised with a number of technological aids from him which made the navigation of the show easier and more efficient.

Gun Digest and Harris Publications took care of my show and range day access. Chard made the rest of the process almost entirely transparent for me, for which I am most grateful!

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  1. Oleg;

    As always, it was/is a pleasure to work with you and I am glad things went well for you, and looking forward to posting some of your shots on Looking forward to working with you at the 2015 NRA Convention in April and again at next years Shot Show. Along with a couple trips up there with more CZ’s to shoot and photograph. You are most welcome and always welcome in my House. Can’t thank you enough for your help, and friendship. these past few years.

  2. It is very important for people to realize that there are TWO CZ firearms forums.
    CZforum is run by Richard Niehaus.

    CZfirearms is run by David Esch.

    CZForum is the home of the original forum, and was bought by Mr. Niehaus from the previous owner. CZForum runs a steel challenge competition team, has facebook and youtube pages devoted to CZ-USA and CZUB.

    The other forum…. not so much…

  3. Chuck says:

    Where can I find some of Michelle DiCianni’s writings (books or blog)?

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