Tear gas won’t make her cry.

Are gas masks sufficient protection against CS, or would other mucous membranes have to be protected as well?

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  1. leonidas says:

    As long as it’s properly adjusted, there should be no problem. I still remember when I had to remove my mask in the shed for CW training way back in ’81. However, the particular mask shown is very unfriendly for lefty long-arm usage.

  2. leonidas says:

    Sorry, I forgot one thing – I believe that sweaty skin/cuts/abrasions can become irritated by CS, but I have no personal knowledge of it, since we had our CW suits on at that time.

  3. Dantheserene says:

    From my basic training experience in Alabama in the summertime, not to mention getting gassed a few times in Korea, a mask is enough to keep you functional. You’ll itch if bare skin is exposed but it isn’t debilitating.

  4. David Esch says:

    I marched through law enforcement grade CS in the Academy, and it was a respiratory/eye irritant only for me. 30 minutes in the wind and I was fine. Clothing was standard uniform, no added chemical agent protection added.

  5. MajMike says:

    My experience with CS at Infantry OSUT and in later training exercises found that a mask like the one pictured provides sufficient protection if properly donned and sealed.

  6. Hugh Davis says:

    Um unless your sphincter is not functional, you’ve got all the mucous membranes covered.

  7. Lyle says:

    Time under exposure, degree and concentration of exposure, and clothing will be a factor for the un-protected parts, but the little I’ve played with the stuff, I concur with the above replies.

  8. l2a3 says:

    Make sure the rubber valves for intake and exhale openings are soft, not cracked, the mask is not cut or dry rotted, no cracks lens and the head strap elastic is still good.

    If the CS concentration is heavy enough, it can make your exposed skin burn and look like a bad case of sunburn.

    Also CN & CS can be mixed with other chemicals like Adamsite (DM) which is odorless and tasteless and if you get a whiff it causes projectile vomiting and is a arsenic chemical. Weee!!! LOADS OF FUN!!! Not supposed to be used because of the health hazard, (like inhaling HC white smoke), but you never know what mix of chemicals someone has to throw/launch at you.

    Yep! Been trained, exposed and played with that CBR stuff since 1969.

  9. JNorth says:

    When we went to the gas chamber in basic we just used a mask, not full MOPP gear, it can be irritating to the skin for some people but nothing as bad as breathing it in. Just wish I could find a good mask that worked over a full beard these days.

    • Paul Koning says:

      Is there anything that works with a beard? I’ve always understood that gas masks, or oxygen masks for that matter, require a clean shave. Bummer; I’d like to try a high altitude skydive, but not at the expense of my beard.

  10. Brad in Nebraska says:

    Yes a properly fitted full face respirator /gas mask with filter attached will protect your face & respiratory tract from the effects of CS tear gas, it can also be handy when cleaning out the employee lunch room refrigerator.

  11. Andy says:

    TL;DR: No, pants and underwear is fine.

    Actual, full-fat military grade CS? Use enough and you *will* feel a “sunburned” sensation on exposed *skin*, sweat or no, masked or not. That’s as may be, however; the primary purpose of CS is as a mucous membrane and respiratory *irritant*. Generally the eyes, nose, lips throat and mouth. You can fight through a sunburn quite easily. Feeling like your face is melting off and lungs are on fire is another thing entirely, which is where a promask comes in neatly: No gas in the face, clean air in the lungs. The rub is: not a lot of air. Do cardio and anaerobic exercise to be prepared, but also know that you won’t be moving as fast anyway. CS is the easiest agent to filter out though.

    The *other* mucous membranes are generally protected effectively enough by your pants and underwear. (free ballin’ and/or streaking is a bad idea when gas is in use) If you’re *that* concerned about those parts, or the gas will be *that* thick, I have three words: “Rubber”, “Fetish”, and “Underwear”.

    And for you bearded types: Snug your mask down a bit tighter and use vaseline (liberally) where the face seal will go shortly before donning. That’s how the Sihks in various Armies (US and UK, at least) do it.

    And I’m reminded of the time I was “That Guy” in basic: Gas chamber, 2006, CBRN training NCO drops two tablets from a handful onto the hotplate and asks us “Hey Drill, how many?” to which the Drill Sergeant replies “Give ’em two more.” The hotplate starts smoking a little.

    The NCO drops two more on the hotplate and watches the smoking increase and asks “Hey Privates, how many more?” to which I reply, congested with the Basic Training Bug of the week and knowing it’s likely to happen anyway, “Aw, hell, Sergeant, give us the whole handful!” The NCO says “Are you sure?” and I reply “Absolutely!”

    The sergeant complies, visibility drops from “half the room” to “one foot, at best”, greeted with calls of “My neck is burning!” (Deal with it) and “My mask isn’t working!”. (Come to the sound of my voice, Private!) We go through the exercises (look up/down/left/right, drink from your canteen, do jumping jacks, walk around, form up into two lines.) and then the fun begins; “Okay Privates when you get up to me in pairs, both of you have to do to leave is to remove your masks, open your eyes and take a deep breath, state your buddy’s rank and last name, and answer me two questions. After you’re out of here remove the mask, arms out and flapping and eyes open, then loudly say ‘my arms are flapping and my eyes are open’, then get in line at the water buffalo. I don’t recommend peeing until you’ve washed your hands, gentlemen.” The line starts decreasing in length over the next minute until I get the head of it. I break the seal on my mask, eyes open, take a deep breath and say “Good afternoon, Drill Sergeant, My buddy is Private Navarro”. He asks “What’s your last four, backwards?” I give him the numbers, with the realization that the gas actually is getting a bit stronger over time. He realizes I’m the joker that blue-falconed everyone. His next question, with malice aforethought: “Who’s the Army Chief of Staff?” That brought me up short for a second. “Uh, General Peter Schoomaker, Drill Sergeant.”

    “Wait for your Battle.” tuning to Navarro, “What’s his rank and name?” pointing at me, met with coughing. “What’s *your* name?” More coughing. “Point at the door, at least, Private.” Coughing with retching. “Get your asses out of here, the both of you, before he pukes on my floor!” So I grab Navarro, lead him to the door and exit to begin leaving a snot trail for a good ten yards while smiling. I hear as I’m doing the walking bit “Dude, wash your hands first, you heard the Drill!”, the sound of a porta-John door opening and the reply “But I gotta piss!” Not ten seconds later “AaahhHHHH FUUUUU-”

    Man, I loved the gas chamber.

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