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Quality is in the details.

During a photo shoot, I snapped a few infrared images and noticed that one of the slings brought by a friend doesn’t look camouflaged anymore. It looks bright white. Through an night vision device, it would actually glow like a … Continue reading

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Darkness, my old friend…

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The night is young, but we have enough NVG batteries

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People in difficult situations

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Effective night vision photography

I’ve done night vision photography in the past. It involved carefully placing an PVS14 monocular in front of a Panasonic LX3 or Canon 5D2 with 35/2 lens and doing long exposures from a tripod. Getting alignment between the optics was … Continue reading

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Night vision photography

Aperture Value f/1.8 Focal Length 20 mm ISO 400 Shutter Speed Value 1/60 sec The NVG photo was done by pressing the camera lens against the ATN PVS14 objective, so I have no idea if the focal plane was even … Continue reading

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Teenagers with rifles

These little girls are 16 and 14 respectively. Both a proficient shooters. What’s more important is that they are intelligent and well socialized, coming across as grad students rather than as kids. I think their parents would be justified in … Continue reading

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More photos taken through night vision monocular

Highway lights in the background. Main exposure by moonlight from 7% waxing crescent. Rifle is MSAR STG556 with YNH suppressor, EOTech in front of PVS14 and light/laser.

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What goes bump (or meow) in the dark

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New varminting rig

Coyotes are becoming a problem for a friend. To assist, we’ve put together a new rig for night varminting. Lightweight PMR30 pistol that uses the same ammunition and magazines as backup.

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