Night vision photography

Aperture Value f/2.5 Focal Length 20 mm
ISO 400 Shutter Speed Value 30 sec

This photo was taken with the little Panasonic G2. I had to guess focus and composition because the viewfinder was pitch-black. Starts recorded as short streaks.

Aperture Value f/1.8 Focal Length 20 mm
ISO 400 Shutter Speed Value 1/60 sec

The NVG photo was done by pressing the camera lens against the ATN PVS14 objective, so I have no idea if the focal plane was even aligned right. Looks reasonably sharp. Some of the bright dots in the background are stars. The main difference was that at equivalent aperture, about 2000 times less light was needed to get an exposure and I could focus and compose without guessing!

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5 Responses to Night vision photography

  1. Max says:

    If you are interested in higher quality NV photography you may consider checking out N-Vision Optics LRS. LRS replaces camera’s objective lens (available only for Canon or Nikon SLRs) and provides very nice corner to corner resolution even for full frame cameras.

  2. camtec says:

    Unless I miscounted that is about 11 F-stops. Each stop is a factor of 2. Double the speed and double the light. Your figures are way off. Try 2 to the 11th power

  3. camtec says:

    Correction got it backwards. Should be half the speed and double the light.

  4. Of course, the top picture is way prettier. 🙂

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