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How much difference do product photos make?

Earlier today, a friend showed me his Belgian-made Browning Hi-Power. He mentioned that it was on the chopping block to raise funds for his business, but I could do photos of it while he still had it. Having looked at … Continue reading

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Remington 8

Amelia from Lux and Zett comic book. Contrary to the 1967 movie depiction, Bonnie and Clyde didn’t fall to .45 caliber submachine guns but to 30-06 BAR automatic rifle and .35 Remington 8 semi-auto rifles. When going into battle, experienced … Continue reading

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Baby .25ACP — jewelry that also shoots

PSA .25 Baby, Renaissance FB, similar to this model. They make about twenty versions from plain to highly decorated.

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More photos taken through night vision monocular

Taken with ATN PVS14 and a Panasonic LX3. The camera was used at ISO200, so it added a bit of noise to the image.At base ISO, the exposure would have been 1/6s, going up to 200 allowed 1/15s at f2.5. … Continue reading

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