How much difference do product photos make?

Earlier today, a friend showed me his Belgian-made Browning Hi-Power. He mentioned that it was on the chopping block to raise funds for his business, but I could do photos of it while he still had it. Having looked at his photos, I just had to take my own. These were done very quickly, while I ducked out of the party to the studio.

So I am curious if better photos will help him find a new home for this pistol.


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12 Responses to How much difference do product photos make?

  1. revjen45 says:

    That lovely piece certainly gives me a bad case of gun lust.

  2. LarryA says:

    I have its brother, brought back from WWII by my FIL. Unfortunately it lost its front sight, and apparently no one has the tool necessary to install a new one.

    • Pete Specht says:

      I would suggest that a bit of research into gunsmiths in your area and also connecting to one or more of the Blogs, Forumns or Chat rooms that concern themselves with all things Browning may well find you the gunsmith you seek to replace that front site. I know of one in Anchorage AK who has done this for me and who takes care of my others too. I’m sure there are others, although finding a good smith these day that knows his trade is getting harder and problamatic. As this firearm is still in production the manufacture may have a custom shop that can do the repair.

      • LarryA says:

        The Browning is still in production, but those made today have a front sight in a beveled slot.

        WWII pistols have a front sight mounted on a post that extends through the top of the slide. Apparently there’s a special tool that fits inside the slide through the barrel bushing and peens the bottom of the post, just right.

        I had the sight replaced three times. Twice it worked loose and disappeared into range grass, and once the post broke with the same results.

        I do have a neat accessory for it, though. When the “assault weapon” ban expired I picked up several “Law Enforcement/Military Only” marked magazines.

    • Lyle says:

      A real gunsmith would have no trouble making a tool to do the job right. If he’s using “I don’t have the tool” as an excuse, then run away and don’t look back. You’re talking to a fake.

      • Paul Koning says:

        Indeed. I’m not a gunsmith, not by a mile, but I have my copy of Patrick Sweeney’s book on pistolsmithing, and the procedure is described in there — with a nice picture of the tool that does the job.

  3. Pete Specht says:

    Gun porn done well is never a fail!
    The Browning Hi Power is an iconic firearm ranking along side of the Colt 1911 (also a Browning design)
    This preticular platform is in beautiful condition and has been well cared for. Even an Instantmatic photo would sell it, but for the porpous of apperication and pleasure great photographs are always welcome!!!
    For those of us who own, carry, and may have deployed with the Hi Power good photos of such a fine firearm always bring a smile.

  4. RandyGC says:

    Tis’ a think of beauty. Thank you!

  5. J. Smathers says:

    What an aesthetically pleasing handgun.

    Wish the best of luck to your friend in finding a buyer. I don’t have that kind of money atm.

  6. Rem870 says:

    What a beautiful handgun! Photos are awesome as always!

  7. Ray says:

    I’m not a huge 9MM fan . But I were going to carry one that would be it.

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