FB is as usual.

FB claims they blocked me for 24 hours for posting something with nudity. My guess they couldn’t deal with this. That definitely confirms the need to post most of my work on a server I control and only use FB as an incidental distribution channel.

Incidentally, FB also disabled my ability to respond to private messages. That’s definitely a malicious move, and one that makes the need to find a better social media venue more pressing. WeWe didn’t impress me with their attempts at functionality, nor has G+…

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7 Responses to FB is as usual.

  1. Tad Stratton says:

    One has to remember that FB is a liberal corporation that is also controlled by lawyers and accountants. It is not a free venue of ideas or images. Just a place for shallow sheep to act like they have something to say, as long as it passes the “thought police”.

  2. Sam Damewood says:

    The hoi palloi are not deserving of your work and I prefer that you not share with them.
    Being beyond enlightenment, they ca do nothing but degrage fine work.

  3. That Other Guy. says:

    I did say, did I not, that it only takes one NSFW item … ?

  4. Ted says:

    I’ll bet if you put a “free the nipple” logo on it somewhere, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

  5. R. Frazier says:

    You can often appeal the block and get it put on if it isn’t particularly purient.

  6. Red says:

    BTDT the PM ban should be lifted shortly. There is not a social media channel that’s not overseen by a “big brother” even going back to the IRC days.

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