Outdoor fun in mid-December


One reason to live in Tennessee: tshirt weather in the middle of December. The secret to this local warming is burning enough gunpowder!

Beck Defense carbine in 7.62×35(300 Blackout). For more effective warming of the environment, .510 Beck — in this instance, a 690 grain monolithic subsonic.

Muffled guns are more fun and easier on the ears. In an AR10, even the .510 monster round is pretty easy on the shoulder, with far less impact than a 30-30 or a 44Mag from a lever action carbine.

Another Beck shortie. Contrary to my expectations based on using most other suppressed ARs, these rifles produced no blowback to the user at all.

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  1. That .510 Beck is going to be a monster, especially in supersonic. Great googly moogly.


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