Subcompact camera update

Sony RX100 IV proved a disappointment. Image quality is well below my expectations with poor colors, and the usability for video is poor with focus problems. My eyeglasses push the pop-up viewfinder out of alignment, so that’s only marginally helpful. Fortunately, B&H issued an RMA.

I think this concludes my effort to go below micro 4/3 in size. I have a Panasonic G2 which, while not small, is more portable than my A7R or 5DSR. Perhaps a Pen-size camera with a pancake lens would work better, but that’s a quest I will leave for some unspecified future. As with pistols, eventually the utility of larger tools outstrips the convenience of the subcompacts.

Now I am looking for a standalone video camera, having got frustrated with the handling limitations of DSLRs for that purpose. Canon XA20 is the current favorite. Does anyone have experience with it, particularly with the effectiveness of autofocus?

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  1. SumDood says:

    Given the reviews of the Sony ( that is surprising. It is known to be less than ideal for video, but the stills image quality is impressive in the sample shots.

    Don’t buy the Canon version of the Sony RX100. The lenses are poor.

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