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Everything in one tidy package.

SU16E (16C with pistol grip kit) with Trijicon Reflex (“always on”), X15 drum (50 rounds on tap, usually sufficient to break contact), Insight light/laser and a sound suppressor. Three redundant sighting options (red dot, irons, laser). Magpul stock and angled … Continue reading

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New on AllOutdoor: Managing Recoil

Three ways to reduce the kick.

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Walther G22, EAA Appeal carbines near Nashville, TN

Does anyone near me own one or more of these rifles would be willing to let me shoot and photograph them for an article?

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Is “federales” a swear word?

The term was long in disrepute in Mexico and much of the American South. Will the threats, vandalism and obstruction by the various DC-inspired goons make the spiteful federal Napoleons and their henchmen as popular as syphilitic shithouse rats? They … Continue reading

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Direct X problem?

Tried to run a video card benchmark, got this message: 3DMark 11 has found DirectX 11 system files, but your graphics adapter reports that it supports only Direct X 10_1.¬†3DMark 11 requires both DirectX 11 system files and DirectX 11 … Continue reading

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New at AllOutdoor: Just Right Carbine, 45ACP

Larger caliber variant of the previously covered carbine.

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A very effective flash hider for .223 rifles

Made by Manticore Arms.

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One of my favorite people

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Computer issues, revisited. Suggestions welcome.

The entire computer was built in late June, with all new components. Symptoms: * Random crashes/reboots, typically at idle *¬†Blue Screen STO Error 0x00000124 [fixed by disabling Aero and GPU overclocking, possibly aided by BIOS update] * Random hard freezes, … Continue reading

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Two lessons from the biker attack on a family in NY

We now learn that cops were among the bikers who attacked a traveling family in New York and took an active role in the beating. Two lessons jump out at me: 1. Given a choice, try to avoid jurisdictions like … Continue reading

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New on AllOutdoor: Sight Options for Defensive Pistols

Read it there…

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A-tacs camo works pretty well.

This Tavor uses a Gear Head Works forend that holds any 1″ light or laser (a Primary Arms tactical light with tape switch in this instance). The suppressor looks big because it’s a YHM .308 can mounted on a .223 … Continue reading

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Strange Networked Blogs messages.

Just got a message asking to request blog ownership confirmation from friends. I recall that was done back when I first syndicated the blog, but why now? Any ideas?

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Iron sights for the win!

Keltec SU16A is an excellent example of .223 “light rifle” with 18.5″ barrel and long sight radius. Tech Sight peep improves on factory with repeatable adjustments, sight radius extended to 18.75″ and two apertures for short/long range. With M855 (62gr) … Continue reading

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A baker’s dozen of 45s.

Metro Arms 3011 SSD Tactical

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PMR30 with Burris Fast Dot

PMR30 is a very flat-shooting pistol. A red dot sight lets the user take advantage of the extended ballistic range with better accuracy.

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A very tight M1911

I like the grip texture — subtle but conducive to retention on recoil. The pistol itself is made to rather close clearances and feels very tight. Original-style guide rod, crisp trigger. Made by Metro Arms.

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Armed reader

She’s reading “Knowing Guns” (written by Stu Chisholm and illustrated by me). The pistol is a Metro Arms American Classic II in a Vega holster.

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Austin, TX and Orlando, FL roll call

I will be going to Austin and Orlando later this year. If you are in or near those cities and would like to connect during my visit, please let me know.

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Alternate history bifurication point?

With some minor but plausible changes on the Austrian side, could Prussia have lost the Sadowa battle in 1866? And, had they lost it, could it have ended their claim to preeminence among the German states, along with the ability … Continue reading

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