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One of my favorite people

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Alternate history bifurication point?

With some minor but plausible changes on the Austrian side, could Prussia have lost the Sadowa battle in 1866? And, had they lost it, could it have ended their claim to preeminence among the German states, along with the ability … Continue reading

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Coming to Dusseldorf, Germany

I will be visiting Dusseldorf again in mid-September. If you live there and would like to connect during my trip, please let me know. I’d like to see more of the city that the brief look I had around last … Continue reading

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Last Ditch Innovation: German Delayed-Blowback Rifles

Forgotten Weapons just posted a video I helped produce, Last Ditch Innovation about Gerat 06 and 06H. These eventually became CETME and G3 rifles. As usual, the information presented by Ian is top-notch.

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RKBA in Germany

Liberales Waffenrecht

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