PMR30 with Burris Fast Dot

PMR30 is a very flat-shooting pistol. A red dot sight lets the user take advantage of the extended ballistic range with better accuracy.

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5 Responses to PMR30 with Burris Fast Dot

  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Now THAT looks fun ! A big fan of the.22 Magnum (not so much the cost of plinking, but . . .) 30 rounds without having to reload – Nice !

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  3. Sid says:

    In my fantasy world, all US military personnel are allowed to purcahse and carry a sidearm of their choosing. For many soldiers, the PMR 30 is a good choice. 30 rounds without reloading is the key. For those who would disagree because it is only .22 WMR, you have to remember that pistol action in warfare is at just beyond knife range. The only thing that matters is shot placement. A little bullet passing through the heart, brain, or spine is just as deadly as a big bullet.

    I love 1911s. I own a Glock G21. I think the .45 ACP is a good choice for me. But I was assigned an M9 and it is a good handgun. If we let the use choose the weapon, then the .22 WMR should be allowed.

  4. LarryArnold says:

    Great gun, if only because a pistol with a 30-round magazine will give certain people the vapours.

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