YHM8030 pistol: new won Tactical Life

My photos with Jay’s article.

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4 Responses to YHM8030 pistol: new won Tactical Life

  1. Ray says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG! A ten inch fireball maker with a SCOPE ; AND a suppressor! HAHAHAHAHA. HOW TRENDY . For hunting WHAT? Tacticool street cred points ? You might have sold them when Obama was President, But the local G&A’s can’t give 550$ Remington AR’s away. The resale for Daniel Defense AR’s is no better than that of a used Bushmaster, and that little toy would set in the case for a year and never sell. Let me guess the MSRP for the above blaster is well north of $1000 for a pistol that is all but useless in any practical sense.

  2. majmike says:

    Nice photo of a stupid concept.

    • Lyle says:

      It’s a political concept. Put a shoulder stock on it (and maybe a reflex sight and BUIS instead of the telescope) and it becomes a reasonably practical weapon, but it also becomes an NFA weapon with the attendant encumbrances.

      Then again, the silencer is already NFA, so why not go the next step and SBR the thing?

      Without any legal limitations then, what would be an ideal barrel length for the 300 BLK truck gun intended to be suppressed? Put a can out on the end of a 16″ bbl and it now has a 22″ – 24″ bbl and it’s not so much a truck gun, is it? I’d say ten to twelve inches tops, plus the can. Add a folding stock and you’ve got something short and handy to stow and carry, quiet, and reasonably effective. It’s far more powerful than a sub gun.

      So what do you want?

  3. Ray says:

    And with a stock and reflex sight I could see that as a weapon of practical use. But an AR pistol with a scope is just goofy. I hate everything AR to begin with and that thing only makes my loathing for the whole “black gun” silliness stronger. Don’t get me wrong. I own several firearms including an AK. I CC. I just loath everything Eugene Stoner did. Had that man worked for the French instead of the US , his designs would be the subject of ridicule.

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