M1A Scout in a Rogue bullpup stock

18″ Springfield Scout Squad rifle in a Rogue bullpup stock.

In the two views, you can see the “belt and suspenders and then some” approach to sighting — 4-16x scope and red dot (both Vortex) plus offset Dueck iron sights, all usable without having to remove or shift anything. The resulting rifle is a pound heavier than the similarly equipped M1A would have been but nearly a foot shorter.

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3 Responses to M1A Scout in a Rogue bullpup stock

  1. Tony says:

    If you want the ultimate in a very short .308 M1A package, you cant get anything better than the Juggernaut set-up. Juggernaut can fill that dual roles with the right ammo combination – and I believe it is good to go as a sniper’s rifle out to 400-500 yards with the right finger on the trigger. It can also fill the role of a CQB rilfe, when going against hard targets. The gun is very fast-handling, and you have the power of the .308 Winchester round in a very small package, that is controllable and very shootable!

    • jason says:

      I personally have seen the juggernaut at OVER 1000 yards. Ridiculous groups. Good barrel, good bolt, good reciever and ammo spec’d to your rifle in a juggernaut stock = the best sniper rifle/cqb rifle created bar none.

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