Freedom of speech in New Jersey

JPFO makes this target available for free download. New Jersey makes shooting at it illegal. Looks like a ready-made First Amendment legal challenge to me. Especially with the text removed, it becomes a very pure example of recognized evil — and New Jersey’s law prohibiting shooting at human or humanoid targets sides becomes a very obvious violation of political speech.

We fired off a few boxes of ammo, taught the kids a few tricks and put a bunch of holes in some of the ‘zombie’ targets that Frith and I had picked up at the Gun show a few weeks back. Their legality in NJ might be something of a grey area – you aren’t allowed to shoot targets that look like people in the state.

I suppose the politicians who passed that law view zombies as their pet voters. Given the number of the dead voting in Chicago, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same situation obtains in New Jersey. Zombie voters would be ideal electorate, as they are predictable and undemanding — they only want brains and most New Jersey politicians don’t possess that, as evidenced by the content of the laws they write.

Correction, New Jersey politicians are smart, just not in constructive says. They are highly evolved predators who managed to turn a formerly nice state into a legally-restrictive, highly-taxed hellhole. They are very clever scavengers feeding off the remains of a state that they themselves helped destroy.

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12 Responses to Freedom of speech in New Jersey

  1. WestonMoss says:

    I had never heard of any state doing this. Pretty ridiculous. Just more security theatre

  2. DanTheSerene says:

    The NRA range (in the basement of the national HQ) doesn’t allow human likeness targets, either. Draw your own conclusions.

  3. NTS says:

    Dems don’t allow shooting at targets of the ol’ boy toy Adolf for one simple reason: professional courtesy.

  4. Stuart the Viking says:

    Years ago, I took my then-wife to the range and let her shoot the 9mm. She liked it ok, and happily took her target over to her dad’s house to show off all the holes she made in some paper. The father was put-off by the fact that the pic was roughly person shaped. I was the standard silhouette target that most people use (the plain one, not even the fancy more-human-shaped one). He said that we should have used a round bulls-eye target because then we wouldn’t be shooting at people.

    My answer to him was that round things rarely break into houses in the middle of the night and that is what the 9mm is for.

    Never mind that no matter how hard you strain, a piece of paper doesn’t become a person no matter what the picture or the quality of the printing is. Not even one of Oleg’s beautiful pictures is magical enough to do that (Not that I would recommend using an Oleg photo for a target).


  5. Paul Koning says:

    I wonder what they would do with Paris Theodore’s “Quell zone” targets (U.S. Patent 4,508,508). The whole point of that design is that it shows human-like images, and specifically *not* viewed straight on. Some versions of that idea use photographs:

  6. James says:

    And again….police train with targets that depict humanoid shapes.

    I lived in NJ for 24 years. It is, and shall continue to be, a shithole. Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful areas to the state, many very nice people. Yet that is all overshadowed by the huge, greedy left-bound machine that has produced blight and an otherwise angry, rude population (mostly). When I was young and stupid I worked for the democratic machine. Dead people voting? Fraud? Oh, you bet ‘cha. I tell the following to anyone who cares to listen: before the pols opened Obama had 750,000 to 1,000,000 fraudulent votes on the books nationwide. There were at least 100,000 “votes” out of the Philly area (where low turn-out, drug addled, black neighborhoods had 100% turn out, all voting for The One). The ’12 election was much closer than we think. But the Repubs are such sissies, so Dem-lite, that it doesn’t matter anymore. The only things that matter are God, family, and the ability to protect one’s interests.

  7. TNinfidel says:

    Oleg, have you read Unintended Consequences by John Ross?

  8. Matty says:

    Huh? Can anyone cite me the exact section of 2c:39 that says this? I have been shooting at various targets over the years here in NJ, some human shaped, others actual pictures of bad guys and zombies, etc. Bought more than a few in NJ. Smells like BS to me–

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Could be a rule imposed by the specific range — I simply linked to the original story. Neighboring Massachusetts does have the prohibition codified into law.

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