New Keltec KSG video

Mesa Tactical | Keltec KSG

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7 Responses to New Keltec KSG video

  1. LarryArnold says:

    Rumor has it that the KSG is one of the “assault weapons” Ms Feinstein has a hate on for. Makes me wish I could afford one.

  2. The KSG is the queen of tactical shotguns, which is a bit like being the wealthiest man below the poverty line.

  3. Lazy Bike Commuter says:

    I think I’d be happier to keep my Mossberg 500 and my coach gun, but yeah, the special hatred for the KSG makes me want one.

  4. Scott says:

    Wonder if there’s any way to open up that ejection port. Looks like loading the magazines when you’re in a hurry or combat-loading the chamber is a bit tough.

    I can definitely see a police/tac team using a KSG, breachers in one tube and shot in the other. But it still looks like someone put a pistol grip on a 2×4!

  5. Ryan Lackey says:

    Either that weapon has really bad ergonomics, or they weren’t familiar with it. They looked more uncomfortable with the weapon than any professional video I’ve seen (especially the first guy — the second guy just made the fatal mistake of using slash pockets for rounds). The first guy loading on his knee made me want to cry.

  6. Adam says:

    Is it possible to load it 3gun style, where I would normally palm 4 shells from a caddy and load that way? Well, not that I ever do it smoothly, but theoretically I could. (modified Beretta Xtrema 2) If I do my job, then its snicksnicksnicksnick pause snicksnicksnick drop the last and hit the button. I wonder if the ergonomics here allow for that style of loading?

  7. Drew says:

    Meh. I’ll stick with my 870. Shoot one, load one. The way it should be, and the way it’s been for decades. Proven reliability is more important to me than the coolest new gadget. I think a trained shooter with an 870 can put just as many rounds on target in less time than the guys in this video.

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